Born in Harbin China, Lina Liu began her extraordinary journey through the art of classical  umbrella balancing,  tenacity and passion for her art entered an Dalian acrobatic group of China, she was only 9 years old.

Soon, she has been representing of the Top solo Chinese Acrobatics to performance at Great Hall of the People in China, at World Exposition in Japan, Davos Forum . She was performance at front of the world leader.

Umbrella juggling is largely considered the most difficult form of acrobatics.  Lina is a two-time Guinness World Records holder and International gold awarded.

Her footprints have spread all over the world, from famous opera houses, theaters, to entertainment venues, private parties, charity events, and schools. She has 27 years of performance experience and currently lives in New York.






{New York Times} _fantastic, extraordinary 


{CBS Top Ten} _Best NBA half time show Entertainment


{CW big stage} _She's amazing performance to be the best she can be.


{TBS go big show}_ Her art of course is  dark horses.

Miracle on Tiptoe

Lina creates stunning performance art, expressing the kind of honour and talent that comes from a lifetime of dedication to an art form. Top professional international talents with sufficient practical experience. Lina has her own operations team which eases the process of booking and scheduling.