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"Our oriental performances preserve their rich cultural heritage, making them ideal for cultural events, shopping centers, and public festivals. They are highly sought after for special ceremonies and celebratory occasions."



Sugar Painting

 Treat your guests to delicious sugar paintings, a traditional Chinese folk art  form that are sure to please.
Sugar painting experts can create any of the 12 current zodiac signs based on your birth year.
Sugar paintings are a great way to attract a crowd at any event and are perfect for Chinese New Year celebrations, festivals and shopping malls.
Based in New York, our sugar painters create delicious treats for guests at events across the United States and around the world.



Traditional Chinese calligrapher who can create both small and large-scale calligraphy pieces
Creates bespoke Chinese calligraphy paintings for live events and offers Chinese calligraphy workshops
Draws and paints on different surfaces such as papyrus, stone, and fabric, to  name a few
Suitable for exhibitions, trade fairs, art galleries, museums, cultural events, and many more
Our Chinese Calligrapher is based in New York and available for worldwide bookings



Dough figurine art brings vibrant entertainment to any event, showcasing

intricate sculptures crafted with precision and creativity.

From birthday parties to corporate gatherings, live dough sculpting  performances charm audiences of all ages.

Explore our website for tutorials and inspiration, and elevate your next event with captivating dough figurine demonstrations.

Tea Art


Tea art performance, originating in ancient China as a traditional art form, Over time, it has evolved into a cultural and entertainment activity.

Tea art performance combines tea ceremony, dance, music, and drama to create a distinctive artistic style. Tea artists not only demonstrate their skillful tea-making techniques but also exhibit graceful postures and expressive abilities.

The performance formats vary, ranging from simple tea-making demonstrations to elaborate stage productions, often integrating traditional musical instruments and vocal performances to enhance the cultural ambiance.

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