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Chinese Culture Arts NYC

Explore our diverse cultural programs in detail by clicking on each image or button. Dive deeper into the essence of each event, uncovering its unique offerings and captivating experiences. Immerse yourself in a world of culture, tradition, and innovation. 

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List some adjectives you would use to describe the dragon dance. Have you ever seen a similar performance in your school or community?
Look at artworks depicting dragons. Why are dragons important in Chinese culture?
The dragon dance is the work of a team of performers who must carefully coordinate their movements. Choreograph a dance with classmates in which you work together as a team to make collaborative movements.

 LED Dragon Dance & Lion Dance

Traditions of Chinese Acrobatics

Witness astounding feats of foot juggling, plate spinning, manipulation of Chinese yo-yos and other traditional Chinese acrobatics.


Bian Lian: The Magical Art of Chinese "Face Changing

The Chinese dramatic art of bian lian gives the term “two-faced” a whole new meaning. Translated literally as “changing face,” it’s a unique aspect of Sichuan opera, which originated around 1700, in which the performers, quick as lightning, change their masks multiple times.


Art Based

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